Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paul F. Tompkins - Freak Wharf

Paul F. Tompkins - Freak Wharf
Published in 2009

So,  who is Paul F. Tompkins?  Why is he on The Album Project?  Is Matt crazy?

Let's be clear.  Album means Album.  Comedy Albums are just as much of an album as a music album, and having things to say about them is something that I will be able to do, because I love comedy.

You see, I love comedy.  I listen to the Comedy Death Ray podcast, the Pod F. Tompcast, and Sklar Bro Country.  I watch tons of comedy on TV, the [adult swim] being a group of personal favorites.  I constantly quote comedy things, and I love laughing.  So, reviewing or whatever the fuck I do a comedy album is perfectly okay.

Paul F. Tompkins is one of the comedians that I have only been introduced to through podcasts, and have become a huge fan of since.  He is an incredible performer, making insane characters, and his stand up is pretty awesome too.  I cannot wait to go back to the states so I can see him live.  He's very quick, comes up with interesting premises, and his written stuff is very funny.

This album is a great showcase of the two sides of Paul F. Tompkins.  The first side, the improviser and performer is on display during three tracks, called the Riff Suite.  They are really good examples of a performer developing jokes in front of an audience.  Most of the time, he is obviously coming up with new things, and he totally gets involved with them.  He cracks himself up at times, but usually because what he is thinking about is very funny.

The second part is his written material.  Some of this stuff is just golden stuff.  Particularly amazing are The Sink and the Mirror and Cake V. Pie.  Go Ask Alice is off the chains as well, but on a totally different level.

I quite enjoy the way he comes up with new ideas, and uses the basic idea to continue the joke through it.  I find some of the stuff he says just amazingly funny.  It's hard not to just throw quotes at you here, but I would rather you listen to it and enjoy it than for me to tell you all the funny lines.  He cannot get popular enough in my opinion.

Anyway, weird short album project right?  Thanks!


PS. Give Phil Five, pleeeeeeeease!

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