Saturday, January 22, 2011

jj - jj n° 2

jj - jj n° 2
Published in 2009

First off, thanks to doomsday for suggesting this album.

This album landed with a resounding thud on my iPod. I was listening to it going what the fuck is this. Weird etherial electronic rap lady singing insanity? What on earth am I listening to?

I'm writing this without the internets but i'd bet, were I to look up jj on the Internet, they would be some sort of Scandinavian collective of electropop artists based on what I am hearing. It's so ecclectic that it could only be made by white people who were cold and bored.

Look, I don't know if I like this album or not. I literally cannot tell. Some of it is very cool and interesting and makes me want to be a huge fan. But some makes me want to punch someone in the face for sheer pretentiousness. I just want to know why they are trying so hard all the time.

To get a little psychological, I have a feeling that the prophet doomsday suggested this album because it reminded him of theivery corperation. He knows how much I like them, so he gave me this. I think I really like TC because of the wide influences and because it is perfect chill music. Every song takes it's time, allowing the listener to really get involved in the permutations of the sound. This doesn't allow me to do that, perhaps because they are trying to be too upbeat for it.

I come not to bury albums but I cannot say that this is anything but optional for me. The vocals are quite nice, and some of the tracks are good. Nothing seems to just jump put at me, and that means something. It ether means that I just don't have the chops to get on board and I am missing an essential piece of the puzzle, or it means that it just doesn't work for my pallet. I can recognize moments of real beauty and grace, but it seems to be weighed down too much with strange shit.

Patrick, I understand this album, and I can see why you like it, but it just never hooked me, which is trouble. I was looking for something else in there that just wasn't. Maybe this one will grow on me eventually, but it's not working for me right now.  But thanks again for the suggestion man, and keep more coming.

"What do you do man?" "I kill people, professionally."

PS - Next Week The Ink Spots - The Very Best of the Ink Spots

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