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Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory
Published in October 1995

First off, iPod so there is that. Also, thanks to Sarah who asked me when I was going to do this album, unwittingly telling me to get off my ass and get back to work.

(What's the story) Morning Glory is a lot like getting into a time machine and setting it within your own life. Every part of it is familiar and yet you don't really know why but t all feels just a little wrong. Listening to this album reminded me or my childhood, but at 24 I feel like being nosolgic is a little strange. 

The reason that this album makes me pine for days gone by is because there was a time in my lifetime when Oasis was the new shit. I remember kids being excited about them coming to the patriot center and them being in the news. 

In fact, one of the few concerts I attended with my friend Zach was an Oasis and Black Crows concert that we attended because we got free tickets and also for a much more cynical reason. 

I wanted Noel and Liam Gallegher to beat the shit ot of each other on stage in a glorious bottle smashing fist flying melée. What can I say, I was a seventeen year old boy. I'm not proud of wishing that the two of them go all Cain and Abel on each other, but since they were probably going to do it anyway, I was happy to go see the concert and hope.

I'm not sure if I was alone in my desire to see these two fight, and I am pretty sure I wasn't, but I had forgotten how much of a pleasure it had been to see them until I started listenig to this album. They were tight in performance, and if they just could have laid off the sauce and the brotherly love, they could have been one of the formative bands of my youth. Jnfortunately, plagued by the kind of press that slowly destroys your musical cred, they ended up with assholes like me combing to their converts to watch them get biblical on each others asses. 

It's a shame. I really enjoyed this album, and I know the 12 year old me would have really liked it. It's nice and pop rocky, great hooks and super fun and enjoyable. The singles are still resonent and the other songs are tight, well produced and skillful. 

Let's talk about singles for a second. I have some friends who really like to get their favorite single tracks and play a mash of songs. It's not my strategy, but I understand it more and more. This group of songs are singleriffic. I am tempted to skip through and just listen to the songs I remember, because they are so good.

As a collection of singles, this album is the tits. As an album, it's good. It doesn't present a full picture of the band and it is a little to all sounds the same for me. 

I guess what I am saying is if you liked Oasis the first time around, you'll probably enjoy it this time. Don't look back in anger and wonderwall held up extremely nicely. If you were ambivilent or turned off by te image that was presented of them, give it a shot. If you can't stand Oasis, this album isn't for you, and you know that. 

Thanks to Sarah for suggesting this album. It was lovely to listen to and it's been lovely seeing you once or twice a year. 

I like my women like I like my coffee, covered in bees

PS. Next week jj - jj n*2 (a dooooooooomsday production.)

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