Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Black Keys - The Big Come Up

The Black Keys - The Big Come Up
Published in 2002

First, of course, I want to thank Dalton for suggesting this album to me. I'll be coming back to this point, but I just want to make sure that I get this usual thanks out of the way.

Holy Fucking Shit.


Like for real.

That was fucking incredible. Like right now, I'm still listening to the album, too psyched to not start typing. If you enjoy music, fucking get this album. At this point, I'm almost thinking of starting an Optional/Not Optional system of judging these things, and this motherfucker is squarely in the Not Optional Category.

Have I made my point yet? Can I stop telling you to go listen to it? No? Okay, if you don't hear this album once before you die, you have failed life as a human being. Like Christ, if you died before it, you missed the fuck out motherfucker. You gotta pray that he comes the fuck down to Hell itself to drag your ass up, pull your shit back up to heaven.

Anyway, lets get serious here, put on the old journalist fucking beanie, and start talking some sense, man. Remember the first time you saw Blues Brothers (you did see Blues Brothers)? When you realized that there were some great songs out there that you had always known, but they were just a little out of your range? You saw all those great fucking artists all together, making some fucking awesome music?

Then remember when, like Jake, you had the Revelation that the Blues Brothers was actually really fucking light on the actual fucking blues? You know, when you realized that it was kind of poppy and meh, especially whenever the Brothers themselves were performing? Their band was fucking kicking, but there was something missing? You know, like, I don't know, fucking grime? Some dirt on those suits, a little downheartedness that they just couldn't pull off. They were having so much fun, how could they really be singing the blues?

Well, I have come down from the mountain bearing some motherfucking tablets for you. God damn, this is a good fucking album. There is one arguably weak track in my mind, and that one I'll talk about later. Dalton, this is exactly what I started this project for. I wanted to find these kinds of gems, and expand my library. I am not a huge fan of Blues in general, I mean I can dig some BB King, some Ray Charles, a bit of Muddy Waters, but this is exactly the kind of thing that could get me into the genera.

Speaking of which, me and my mom were listening to it together, and we were talking about who it sounds like. She said "It's got a Jimi Hendrix kind of feel to it." "Yeah, and BB King and Muddy Waters." That is what it sounds like. Like they took everything you fucking want about fucking down dirty rock and fucking roll, slammed it together, and fucking put it in your ears.

Were I to be someone who engages in rampant overstatement (see entire article above, and probably below) I'd say that this album is fucking cataclysmic. It is one of those fucking albums that starts a chain reaction in your brain that breaks all the fucking rules, slams down the construct and really makes you think about what you like about music.

Every song they do is their song. Even the fucking covers are their song. These songs are stripped to the fucking bones, except for a couple of samples they play over top. Just a voice (my god that voice!), a guitar (downlow, dirty, grimy guitar), and some drums. We don't need any fucking thing but that to rock, the album fucking screams at you.

If I were to identify a weak track on the album, it would be Them Eyes, which is just a bit too poppy for me. Sounds a little too much like what a band that was hugely influenced by the Black Keys would do, but fuck man, it's a fucking good fucking song still.

I want The Black Keys to do an entire tour where they never fucking touch a stage, but they just come around fucking playing on back portches with fucking lemonade and piss fucking cheap American fucking beer, a grill going and fucking people sitting around on freshly cut grass, getting drunk and fucking singing songs, and hanging out. Playing whatever the fuck they want. Spreading those god damn blues around to everybody.

I'm doing that gushing thing again, but I really would suggest that you aquire this album however you need to, and give it a listen. It's fucking worth it, back to front. I'm also marking Dalton down for a Eppy, the award I just made up for Epic Album Suggestions.

Keep the suggestions coming, American Water by the Silver Jews is up next.
Fucking god that is a good album,



  1. I'm not joking by the way, get this fucking album.

    This fucking made the iPod, that's for damn sure.

  2. Oh yeah, and the other thing. Yes, this is the album that the Hung theme comes from. I can see why they picked it, it's a great fucking song, and it's awesome to have it because it sets the tone of the show well. Also, this fucking thing sounds like Detroit to me.


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