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Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
Published in: 2009

Years ago (I cannot believe that I can refer to this blog with that, but here we are,) I wrote about FF's breakout self titled album. I was pleased when my favorite New York/Cali hipster friend Grant commented on the album. I was shocked to read what he wrote.

What he wrote was something along the lines that the self titled album was the only one that was good, and that it was too bad the other ones had missed that mark.

I am here today, ladies and gentlemen to disagree with that statement. I think that this album is not as good, but pretty fucking awesome in it's own right. And I shall present a theory about why my tastefilled and totally awesome friend got it wrong. It will be presented thusly.

Grant, you dumb fuck, you are totally wrong and this album is awesome. I agree that it doesn't match the solid consistency of the self titled, but it is not the same kind of record.

This is a dance record, and to view it as anything but that is to make a mockery of yourself and everything you stand for, Grant. If this were a record that had any of the same aims as the slef titled, you might have q foot to stand on, but you don't and you know it.

What they did wrong is interesting to me. I think this is a flatter record as befits a dance record. The album doesn't has the diversity of music that the self titled did, and it doesn't have any sort of single on it. The songs are very wall of noisey and they don't have as much in them as the ones on FF.

However, the songs as judged by me, are pretty good dance songs. They play well, they are very poppy, and the music is highly accessible. The lyrics, while not as good as Michael or 40', are good enough to sustain, the band is tight, and there are some good songs on here.

But the real reason I love this album and you are wrong Grant is because of Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreams has one of te most epic breakdowns of any song that has been on the project, and it is intensely awesome. You should listen to it again. It actually reminds me of LCD Soundsystem a bit. Ts excellent.

Anyway, Grant, you know you're right. It's not as good as FF, and it never will be, but it isn't a misfire, it's a refocusing of the band to be a more electronic based dance hall band, as opposed to a solid alt rock band, which is ultimately disappointing.

Thanks for being such a downer Grant.

"The spaceship hung in the air in much the same way that bricks don't."

If anyone is confused, I love Grant and he knows it. I just like being contentious and that wasthe only way this motherfucker was going to get written while I am hanging in the air over the ocean.

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