Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reggie Watts - Simplified

Reggie Watts - Simplified
Published in 2004

The discovery of music is an interesting thing to me. And if this blogs relative success is any indication (success is measured in how much I am motivated to do what I promised to the 10-12 of you who read my blog and myself who accounts for the other 90 hits a day probably. I hear it is going to be the standard unit of measurement soon.) it interests you too, a bit.

I was first introduced to Mr. Watts by what was then called Comedy Death Ray Radio, which is probably my favorite podcast in existence. It's incredibly funny, especially the ones featuring Andy Daly. But Reggie Watts was probably the breakout star of the show when he first came on, at least for me.

As a somewhat egotistic and narccistic person (could you tell?) I have a constant dialog in my head. When I hear music, I compare it to the way I'd do it if I were inclined/able. This project stemmed from that desire. Also, whenever I am handed a microphone, all bets are off, because, like my mother before me, I will sing scream do voices and generally make a fool of myself. Yes, I love my voice, I love singing and joking and everything, especially when others are forced to listen to me. It's the best.

So when I heard Mr. Watts creating music, it was a very strange feeling, because it sounded as if someone had finally made songs just for a person like me. He used a loop pedal and created some astonishingly complex beats, and as the songs developed, he added jokes, ideas and complexity of wordplay.

It was a revelation to hear someone make music like I wish I could. I immediately went on iTunes and bought his album.

His album was completely different than his comedy, but guess what. It's awesome.

Mr. Watts has the kind of voice that can be at one moment soulful and deep and transition, seemingly effortlessly to a high pitched, lovely bright tone. He's hot the kind of talent that people like me wish their voices could match.

His album is a collection of R & B styles songs, well written and strikingly performed. If this album had come out around 30 years ago, it would have been perfectly situated to take over the radio. It's a updated form that needed some updating. Quite spectacular.

You should pick up this album, and check it out or get on and check out some of his appearances on there. His first comedy album, which came out a week after this one was purchased by me, is available now as well.

Support artists, get cool records.

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