Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gorillaz - Demon Days

Gorillaz - Demon Days
Published in 2005

Wait, Dangermouse made a collaboration with a band Matt likes and he hasn't lead a dead horse to water to force you to read about it while he beats that selfsame dead horse? Well then, we better get right the fuck on that.

Demon Days is a continuation of the tradition that no two albums by the Gorillaz shall sound the same, and that they are going to make some of the ballerest music out there. You know how I know? Cause I said so.

First, let's talk singles. Feel Good Inc. is a masterful stroke of commercial and musical genius. De La Soul literally destroys the song, and the entire production is tight, handling huge tonal shifts with little to no difficulty. Beautiful. The other major track on this album, Dare, is one of those rare rock songs that one can completely surrender ones dancing ass to. You should be honored to know that Dare and your lifetime conicided.

The less well known tracks are quite good too. They have a very electronic music feel, using samples and sound as instrument as Dangermouse is want to do. Throw in some spectacular supporting turns from MF Doom and others, you have a solid album. This is the good.

Then there is the controversial and by controvertial I mean weird and maybe bad. Why is Dennis Hopper on this album? I love the guy, Blue Velvet and Apocolypse Now are like gospel to my insane taste but if there is something that derails your album more than a spoken word story that includes unwinked at and strange references to "happy folk" and "the monkey would stir from it's deep slumber" you may want to retry that.

However, the rest is superior. You need to get it and try it out, you'll like it. The end of the album is a miss or an experiment that sort of doesn't go off, but seriously, Dangermouse and the Gorillaz.

Maybe soon, I'll do their B side albums. Guess whether I like them or not. (I do.)

"Thanks Thom, let's drink until our hearts stop."

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